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What can "R1Dvideos Community" do for me?
R1Dvideos Community : is geared to offer an whole array of resources and services that can benefit just about anyone in the community. If you need any help or guidance feel free to Contact us with any questions. Contact Us
Why it's important to invite people to "R1Dvideos Community?

Adding your friends from other sites is very important, the more people in "R1Dvideos Community" the better we plan on growing our member base daily and globally. Let's face it more people are being blocked on various social networks just because sharing their links, talents, etc. We want more people to see who you are and what you have to offer without the restrictions or interruptions.

How do i find people to follow in the "R1Dvideos Community"?

1.) Following new friends is simple and easy Click the "Find Friends" Link. ---> FIND FRIENDS 

What is the first thing i should do after joining "R1Dvideos Community?

1.) The first thing you should do after joining "R1Dvideos Community" is add at least 20 people, this will make you known in the community, and get people to see that you're active. (Explore new friends) --->  FIND FRIENDS

2.) After following at least 20 people, then post your links on your profile so that people can see your work

3.) Share your profile link to your facebook and in at least 20 facebook groups let people know that this community exist and you're an active member there.

Why won't "R1Dvideos Community" accept my username?

1.) If you run into a promblem using your username try adding numbers after your username, you can change your username once logged in.

2.) Also you can auto create an account by clicking on the black "f" button, this will create an account using your FaceBook profile. You can chance username and profile picture once logged in

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